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Treating Cat Abscesses
Cats are usually nice to humans but they do often have fights with other animals when let outside. If a cat gets into a fight and is wounded then there is a chance that the cut could become infected w...
Tiks as carriers of diseases
There are  about 800 tick species all over the world (although only a few are commonly encountered in domestic animals) and this number tends to proliferate with the increase in numbers of their ...
FIP: Rare, yet fatal
Without a safe vaccination, a reliable diagnosis and, especially, with no cure to be found yet, FIP is the most deadly infection for cats. Once it is diagnosed, the cat’s life expectancy goes do...
Catnip: A positive influence on Cats
Buy Catnip online  A catnip-influenced cat is a happy cat. The catnip has no harmful consequence nor does it generate addiction on the cat; it is a very attractive plant for felines and it pro...
A Guide to Sexing a Cat
If you want to buy a cat then knowing its gender is very important. If you already have a male cat or a female cat you may want to buy a kitten of the same sex to prevent breeding. Knowing how to sex ...
Noisy cats!
Control the excessive meowing! Some cats are noisier than others. It’s a curious and very pleasant characteristic of the eastern cats but it isn’t exclusive of this group. And when the m...
Is Your Cat Not Eating?
If your cat is not eating then it is more than likely that your cat is unwell. It could simply be an upset stomach or something more serious. If your cat doesn’t eat for any more than twenty fou...
Cleaning Cat Urine: Get Rid of Smell and Stains
Cats’ urine has quite an intense smell, which is not that easy to eliminate. It won’t be enough to just throw the clothes into the washer or use water and cleaning products. Getting rid of...
Symptoms of Cat Flu
Feline flu can be a little confusing but breaking it down you will usually find that it falls under one of two diseases; feline herpe