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Find a Lost Cat
If you have a missing cat then do not panic, there are steps you can take to find a lost cat. Looking for a cat which is lost can be traumatic but you will want to do all you can to find your missing ...
Puppy Housetraining
One of the first parts of dog training is house training a puppy. They have to be taught that relieving themselves inside (unless in a litter tray) is not acceptable, and to wait until they can go out...
Train your Puppy to Wait by the Door
Dogs, especially puppies, find it exciting when somebody opens the front door. It is important however to do the adequate puppy training so that he knows not to go outside. In urban areas, there could...
Toy Ideas for Cats
The best way to improve your relationship and build a stronger bond with your cat is to spoil your feline friend with some cat toys. These will help motivate the cat and pique his curiosity. There&rsq...
Coping With the Smell of Cat Urine
The smell of cat urine is off-putting for even the most hardened of cat owners. While getting rid of cat urine is the least favourable part of cat ownership, it is one of those essential tasks you&rs...
Keeping your pets cool this summer
As the temperatures rise we find ourself switching on the fans and putting on our short sleeves to keep cool in the hotter weather. We mustn't forget our pets in these times, as they will be feeling t...
Tips To Stop a Cat Scratching Furniture
As territorial animals, it’s inevitable that, when young, a cat will mark out their natural habitat by scratching to sharpen up claws. A responsible cat owner should try and curb the problem a...
Caring for a Cat
Health To care for cats you should ensure they get regular visits to the vet for vaccines and cat care check-ups. Caring for cats means paying close attention to their behaviour. If you think the c...
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