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Facts about Geckos
History The word Gecko comes from the Javanese ge'kok. In fact, geckos are the only lizard able to vocalize, doing clicking and squeaking sounds when socializing. Their name is an imitation of the ...
Tiks as carriers of diseases
There are  about 800 tick species all over the world (although only a few are commonly encountered in domestic animals) and this number tends to proliferate with the increase in numbers of their ...
FIP: Rare, yet fatal
Without a safe vaccination, a reliable diagnosis and, especially, with no cure to be found yet, FIP is the most deadly infection for cats. Once it is diagnosed, the cat’s life expectancy goes do...
Working Dogs
Statistics show there are approximately 7.3million dogs kept in the UK; most of these are kept as pets, however there are some who also contribute greatly to society.  More and more pets are beco...
Interesting Facts About Squirrels
Specie The word “squirrel” comes from skiouros, a Greek word meaning “the shadow tail” (“Skia” means “shadow” and “oura” means “tai...
Which animal is more intelligent? The dog or the cat?
Some people emphasize that the dog’s ability to follow its master’s orders is a proof higher intelligence. Others take the same argument to prove that cats are more intelligent than dogs, ...
Scorpion bite: is it poisonous?
The scorpion’s venom actually causes more deaths than the snake’s. In the developing countries, for each death caused by a snake bite there are 10 deaths caused by scorpion bites. The fata...
What are Guard Dogs?: Best and Worst Breeds
Many people choose to have a guard dog because it makes them feel protected at home. Bred through centuries to guard the territory and protect their owners, guard dogs seem to be the ideal option to k...
12 Christmas Rules to the dog (made by dogs)
1 – At Christmas time, your owner will be particularly occupied and in stress. Try to pay him as much attention as he needs and try to cheer him up: jump a