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Guinea Pig: Breeds and Colors
Long-haired Long-haired breeds are not recommended for inexperience owners since it takes a lot of time and dedication to groom the coat. Sometimes owners trim the hair to make the grooming easier...
Catnip: A positive influence on Cats
Buy Catnip online  A catnip-influenced cat is a happy cat. The catnip has no harmful consequence nor does it generate addiction on the cat; it is a very attractive plant for felines and it pro...
A Guide to Sexing a Cat
If you want to buy a cat then knowing its gender is very important. If you already have a male cat or a female cat you may want to buy a kitten of the same sex to prevent breeding. Knowing how to sex ...
Pot-bellied pig: The Manís New Best Friend
George Clooney was perhaps the responsible for the rising popularity of the Pot-bellied pig in the United States. The actor lived 18 years with his pet pig, “Max, the Star” and even took i...
Skin Diseases: Dermatitis, ringworm and mange
  Skin diseases on dogs are responsible for a lot of cases of abandoning and euthanasia. When a dog suffers from a disease of the skin, its hair is no longer attractive and this sometimes causes...
Gerbil: Squeaks, Dances and other Behaviors
Gerbils are cute rodents, extremely active, that delight their owners with their range of behaviors. Here are some of the most common behaviors in gerbils their meaning. Thumping This is probably ...
The Body Language of Horses
Horses express themselves through gesticulation and expressions. Communication is the pillar of all relationships, which means that understanding the horse improves the relationship between horse and ...
Doggy Fashions!
It has become the up and coming trend to kit your canine companions out in the latest fashions, ranging from khaki parka coats to the most up-to-date sportswear.  At present almost any form of cl...
Noisy cats!
Control the excessive meowing! Some cats are noisier than others. It’s a curious and very pleasant char