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Chinchila Longhair

A temperamental beauty... (other names: Chinchilla Persian)

Chinchila Longhair
origin:Great Britain
weight:3 to 7 kg
size: Mediumfur type: long
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History [ edit ]

The Chinchilla Longhair, also known as Chinchilla Persian, is the oldest man-made breed of cat. There is a strong controversy as to whether the Chinchilla Longhair is a variety of the Persian breed or not. Some defend that the Chinchilla is not a separate breed, but rather a colour variant of the Persian, while others sustain that the existing differences, though subtle (such as less stout in body type and slightly longer nose) justify its classification as a unique breed.The origin of the breed is, however, well documented, and started in England,  in 1882 through selective breeding of the offspring of a Persian female (Chinnie) mating to a male of unknown origin, suspected to be a tabby. In fact, althouth the appearance of modern Chinchillas have little resemblance with their ancestors, Chinchillas kittens are still born almost black with heavy tabby markings, which disappear, as they get older, making way for the pure white coat colour. One of the Chinnie’s descendants, the grandson Ch. Silver Lambkin, born in the late 1800’s, is generally regarded as the first Chinchilla. This cat became quite famous, winning most of the major awards at the Crystal Palace Show in London in 1888. This breed was named after the South American rodent known as the Chinchilla, which also has similar tipping to its fur. The Chinchilla Longhair is a striking breed, considered one of the most beautiful longhaired cats worldwide.
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