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Don Sphynx

A cat from the outerspace... (other names: Don Hairless, Russian Hairless, Don Bald Cat, Donskoy , Donsky Sphynx)

Don Sphynx
in/out: Indoorfeeding: Demandingsize: Mediumfur type: short
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History [ edit ]

The Don Sphynx is a Russian breed of hairless cat, also called Don Hairless, Russian Hairless, Don Bald Cat,  Donskoy and Donsky Sphynx. It is a result of a mutation, the first hairless cat (a femaly) being found in 1987, in the city of Rostov-na-Donu, by Elena Kovaleva, who first thought that the animal suffered from a disease that caused the loss of hair. The female cat was called Varvara and later gave birth to more hairless kittens. One of them, which became the foundation stock of the breed, was given to the famous Russian cat breeder Irina Nemikina. She decided to start a breeding programme. At first nobody believed that the Don Sphynx’s nakedness was natural. Then Irina Nemikina decided to offer Don Sphynx kittens to all Russian cat fanciers whenever she had the opportunity to do so and with very good results. The new owners soon discovered the magic appealing of the new breed which rapidly grew in popularity. This breed is closely related to the Peterbald and has a lot in common with Sphynx cats originating in Canada but it is genetically unrelated with them. The gene responsible for nakedness in the Canadian Sphynx is recessive, while it is a dominant gene that causes the Don Sphynx to be naked. This means that it takes only one naked parent to have naked kittens. The Don Sphynx is not very famous worldwide  but is getting more and more popular in Russia.
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