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Havana Brown

An outgoing and playful companion! (other names: Chestnut Brown)

Havana Brown
origin:Great Britain
weight:2 to 4 kg
size: Mediumfur type: short
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History [ edit ]

The Havana Brown is a fairly recent breed of cat, its development having started in England in the 1950’s by a group of fanciers that managed to isolate the gene pool of a self-brown cat. This does not mean that brown cats had not been seen before, because, in fact, they been around for centuries, probably originating in the South West Asia. There is documented evidence that brown cats were shown at a cat show in 1984 as a variety of the Siamese with greeny-blue eyes. However, by the 1920’s the breeding of these cats, sometimes called Swiss Mountain Cats, was discouraged by the Siamese Cat Club of Britain who ruled that all the Siamese cats should always be blue-eyed. The breeding programme adopted by the brown cat enthusiasts in the 1950’s included mating black shorthairs and chocolate point Siameses or seal point Siameses carrying the chocolate gene. Descendants of these experiments were later exported to the USA, were a parallel development programme was pursued. Today, and because the breeding in Great Britain continued to outcross the Havana Brown with Siamese, the original look of the cat has been lost (now looking more like chestnut Oriental Shorthair in type) but was retained in the American variety. Also the name is different, the British opting by “Chestnut Brown” while Americans retained the “Havana Brown” name. There are discrepancies as to the origin of the Havana Brown name: some say the brown cats were named after a rabbit of the same color and others that the breed was named after the famous Havana cigar.
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