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about me
my owner: Hopie
pets: 2
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Beauty ::
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my name:Beauty
country:United States of America United States of America
when I arrived:When Beauty arrived, she came into our (at the time) small condo like a storm. Although she did make a mess, irk the neighbors and drive us crazy a little, she had us wrapped around her tiny paws at the same time.
bio:Beauty is a Wheaton Terrier, English Setter cross, and she's pure white (most of the time). She had small deep red freckles that surround her face and nose and has long thick hair that is always shedding.
special features:Beauty can actually watch T.V. Most dogs this is rare in because the eyes must have something special (I can't remember right now), similar to our eyes.
likes:She likes to eat cupcakes. Right out of the pan, wrappers included.
dislikes:She dislikes the mailman, very much. Its a good thing he's deaf, or he would be scared silly when she comes.
tagsadventurous funny white
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