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about me
my owner: Annier
pets: 1
my album (2)
Chloe :: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
views: 3214
treats: 34
awards: 0
friends: 56
dates: 0
faves: 2
my name:Chloe
i'm from:Bedfordshire
country:England England
breed:Staffordshire Bull Terrier
when I arrived:I am Chloe and I am a very lucky lady to be chosen from Stafford Rescue. I was used for breeding till I was too old then given away to a 16 year old girl whose mother didn't want me as she had several of a smaller breed of dogs in the house.
bio:I am mostly white with brown splodges on my ears
special features:I once saved my Mum when a man got in the house after shutting our other dog out of the house thinking he was the only dog. He didn't reckon on me though I barked and barked and chased him out.
likes:Favourite toy is my black Kong. Favourite food stinky tripe!
dislikes:Hate being downstairs when Mum's upstairs ermmm dug up the carpet!
tagsclown friendly greedy lucky staffordshire bull terrier stubborn terrier white
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