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Can I give my dog fruits and vegetables?
Ask the Vet
Many people assume that being carnivores, dogs should only eat meat. However, fruits and vegetables are also good for your animal, since they provide important nutrients for your dog’s health. Particularly green leafy vegetables – spinach, celery, cabbage, carrot - should be apart of your dog’s diet. Fruits like apple, pear, grapefruit and orange make healthy choices. Eggs and a touch of garlic can also be added to the bowl.

Be aware that this is only a supplement and should only be given in small amounts. Too much fruit can cause diarrhea to the dog. Never give the fruit’s seeds to a dog, since they are toxic. There are also poisonous plants and fruits, so stick to these suggestions.
All answers and advices given in this section should only be taken as mere indications. To get a diagnosis always consult a professional on the specific area. Any health related issue should be treated by a veterinarian. Check out our Directory to find out one near you.
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